How to wear braces

How to wear braces
Brackets – this is a special metal plate, installed on the teeth. Through them, an arc passes, the tension of which changes the location of the teeth. With the help of braces, you can not only align your teeth, but also correct the bite. Usually after the installation of "staples", as they are often called, the orthodontist tells how to properly care for them. But some recommendations can be forgotten, in addition, many people want to know in advance how much care for braces is complicated.

You will need
  • – специальная щетка для брекет-систем;
  • – dental floss with a hard end;
  • – ершик для брекетов;
  • – toothpaste for braces;
  • – rinse aid;
  • – Irrigator.
Bracket systems are usually worn for one to three years, during which the patient must be under the control of the attending physician. The first days after installation will not be the most pleasant: these plates will press on your teeth, cause painful sensations, rub your lips or cheeks, stop eating and talking. This is a common phenomenon, which usually lasts one to two weeks. By the end of the first week, you need to see a doctor – if it turns out that the system hurts the oral mucosa or significantly disrupts diction, the orthodontist will prescribe a special protective wax. But in most cases, discomfort by this time completely passes.

It is necessary to regularly and very carefully look after braces. These plates are an ideal place for accumulating food residues, so you will have to brush your teeth after each meal. With this conventional brush for teeth will not be enough. Buy a special toothbrush, which has the form of a tick, brushes for braces and dental floss with a hard end – they are sold in pharmacies or dentists. Also you need to buy special pastes and rinse for braces – их обычно подбирает врач в зависимости от показаний.

Существуют устройства, упрощающие уход за зубами, – ирригаторы. Они подают под давлением жидкость (воду или специальный раствор) тонкой струей, которая очищает зубы и брекеты. Но у людей с чувствительными деснами ирригатор может вызвать раздражение. Кроме того, следует помнить, что его применение не заменяет использование зубной нити, щетки и ершика.

While wearing the braces, you should also carefully follow a certain diet. The fact is that these metal plates are quite fragile, they can easily be damaged. Apples, carrots, nuts, hard pieces of meat can break down the design, especially if you have installed sapphire or ceramic braces. You can not eat "stretching" products: chewing gum, toffee, nougat, caramel. Contraindicated cold ice cream (you can eat melted) or very hot drinks and soups – a sharp change in temperature violates the elasticity of metal arcs. It is also recommended to exclude from your diet coffee, wine, jam. Doctors do not advise smoking during wearing bracket systems.

Even with all the recommendations for braces and nutrition, you can not insure against unforeseen events. Do not be frightened if a plate breaks from the tooth. Even if you swallowed it, nothing terrible will happen. Visit your doctor and he will fix the situation. The orthodontist should also regularly clean the teeth. But this does not mean that one can treat tooth cleaning and care for brackets carelessly – improper performance of prescriptions of a doctor can delay treatment.

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