How to wash your hair properly

How to wash your hair properly
Brilliant strong hair is a symbol of femininity, health and beauty. But the modern way of life negatively affects their condition. Improper washing can also damage your hair.

You will need
  • shampoo, balm rinse, water, towel, hair dryer
Wet your hair with hot water, in order to open the pores and dissolved dirt.

Pour a shampoo into the palm of your hand, add a little water and apply on the head. Thoroughly rub the scalp, and the hair lubricate the shampoo only on the growth, do not make sharp and lateral movements, this makes the hair brittle and cut. Rinse the shampoo and repeat the procedure again.

After washing off the shampoo, apply a conditioner balm or hair conditioner. After enduring the time indicated on the product package, rinse hair thoroughly. The last rinse do with a decoction of nettle or pure cool water. So the scales of the hair will close and protect the hair from damage.

Squeeze your hair, slightly twisting in height. Wrap the head with a towel and squeeze it again. Do not rub it in any way!

Сушите волосы в естественных conditions or a hairdryer. Before drying with a hair dryer, it is desirable to apply a thermal protection product.

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