How to wash wool

How to wash wool
Woolen fabrics require a particularly careful attitude. We all know cases when a beautiful and expensive cashmere sweater, after unsuccessful washing, can decorate only a doll or a very small dog. To avoid this, observe several simple rules when washing wool.

You will need
  • Brush
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing detergent or soap
  • Bath or pelvis
  • Towels
Стирайте шерстяные вещи вручную.

Перед стиркой почистите вещь brushedto shake off dust and mote.

Type in the bath или таз (в зависимости от размера вашей вещи и их количества) теплой воды и растворите в ней либо жидкость для стирки, либо мыльную стружку из мыла без красителей и отдушек. Не используйте щелочные facilities – they will damage the coat.

Погрузите вещи в воду. Оставьте на несколько часов.

If you see that whatSomething mud Do not wash, do not rub the coat around blemishes. Especially the cloth on the fabric. This can lead to deformation and stalling of the wool. Use the compression technique to spot better soaked in water with a detergent.

Drain the water.

Turn on warm running water and rinse your product thoroughly. In order to better rinse it, again use the compression technique. Make sure you wash off all detergent. The remaining soap can destroy fibers over time.

Squeeze the product, either between two towels, or by laying on one towel and folding it with a roll. Straighten the product and leave to dry on a dry towel in a horizontal position.

After your product has completely dried, walk on it again soft brush to give furry fibers.

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