How to wash the tonic

How to wash the tonic
Many girls and women are popular quick hair dye at home tonic, or, as it is called in the people, tonic. Many use tonic because of its affordable price and bright colors of hair on the package. However, in fact, the color that I would like to achieve is not always obtained on hair. Especially if the hair has already been painted or streaked. In the event that walking with the resulting hair color is not possible (for example, it is bright pink, or purple, or red), you can try to wash the tonic without turning to the salon.

Look for shops supplying goods for salons beauty and professional hairdressers, special flushing means. It will not be expensive, but the result will instantaneous. Producers of tonics also produce anti-tonic, however, it is rare in free sale.

Смыть с volos paint will help burdock butter. It is necessary apply on hair, укутывать head a plastic bag, on top of putting on a warm woolen hat and holding the mask for half an hour. The procedure for an early result can be repeated several times a day.

Вымыть пигмент из волос поможет щелочное мыло, к примеру, хозяйственное. Либо обычный шампуть не для colored hair. These means нужно промыть голову несколько раз подряд, пока не начнут светлеть волосы.

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