How to wash the tonic off hair

How to wash the tonic off hair
Maybe you dyed your hair with a tonic. And after a while they changed their mind and decided to change their image again. And the tonic all is not washed off? Or maybe just the color in which the hair was painted, did not meet your expectations? No problem. There are several ways to quickly wash off the tonic. The proposed methods do not suit everyone. It all depends on the type and structure of the hair.

Masks from oils. It is known that some oils wash away the color of the paint. For example, burdock. Do this mask often, several times a week. For a better effect, there is a special recipe: it is necessary to mix Burr oil with lemon juice. After – the resulting consistency is applied to hair. Next: wrap the head with a towel and hold, approximately, 1 hour. True, the time parameter is individual. The main thing – do not overdo with time, because you can dry your hair.

Another mask can be made from yogurt. It has washing properties. Some try to wash off the paint with alcohol, but still it is not the most best method. Because after such procedures, hair just needs to be treated.

In addition to folk recipes, there are also professional tools for washings paints with volos. They are different brands, the choice is great. This is for those who are able to conduct such a procedure at home. Who can not – go to salon for help.

Можно воспользоваться и вовсе простым способом. Не всем он поможет, но кому-то определенно. Тоник оказывает не a strong effect on hair, like paint for hair, so during the day you need to wash your head several times. Even the paint starts to wash off after constant water procedures. After each wash, you can делать лечебную маску на волосы. Заодно и волосы подлечить, и ненавистный тоник смыть.

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