How to wash the perspiration

How to wash the perspiration
Each woman has often faced such a problem as washing away stains of sweat from clothes and at the same time not damaging the structure of the fabric. Sweat stains are one of the hardest spots. In addition, some products require special care.

You will need
  • Vinegar, water, table salt, hyposulfite, ammonia, borax, gasoline, acetone, qualitative stain remover
A universal way is to prepare a solution. One tablespoon vinegar dissolve in one glass of water. The resulting liquid is poured onto spot. It is necessary to do this procedure on dry clothes. Pour on the stain, leave for an hour, then wash in the usual way. Neither spots, nor smell sweat on clothes will not remain.

Fresh sweat spots you can remove with your clothes with the aid of the following solution. One tablespoon of table salt dissolve in a glass of water and wipe the problem area. Also suit solution of hyposulfite. One teaspoon of hyposulfite, add water to the glass and do the same. If you need to remove stains of sweat from white cotton or linen clothing, then better all in a solution from table salt to add a teaspoon of ammonia and a teaspoon of borax, put on a stain, then rinse water. Удалить пятно с шерстяной вещи can with the help of gasoline or acetone.

There are a lot of goods in stores that can easily cope with sweat stains. Buy a quality stain remover, pour it on the problem area, leave for a while, then, to achieve a better result, boil your thing.

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