How to wash properly to avoid wrinkles

How to wash properly to avoid wrinkles
The appearance of early wrinkles is directly related to how well we wash. Morning washings help the whole body to wake up, remove the microparticles of bed linen, creams and dead skin cells from the skin. When washing in the evening, we remove from the face particles of dust, dirt, sebum and make-up remnants. In the old days our grandmothers washed "living" spring water or well water, collected melted and rainwater. And now in the tap there is a "dead" chlorinated water, there are acid rains and snow. Therefore, in order to not get the first wrinkles very early, it is necessary to learn how to wash properly.


The water should be soft. This can be achieved by simple boiling. To wash dry skin in the water, add a quarter teaspoon of soda, for fatty – lemon juice in the same amount.

In the evening, to wash the dry skin, it is better to use water with bran (knotted in gauze and immersed for 10 minutes into water), for oily skin – contrast washing, ending with cold water. For washing in water, you can add decoctions of herbs.

For dry skin, a decoction of parsley, chamomile or linden is added to the water, for sage – sage, string, plantain, oak cortex, St. John's wort, for normal – infusion of rose petals, leaves of mother-and-stepmother. For sensitive skin, add a teaspoon of starch per liter of water or milk.

Вода для умывания должна быть комнатной температуры. Горячая вода расширяет сосуды, снижает эластичность кожи, холодная вода наоборот сужает сосуды и ухудшает кровоснабжение. Все это приводит к раннему увяданию кожи.

Do not use soap for toilet soap. Having an alkaline medium, it over-dry the skin, speeding up the aging process. It is necessary to use various means for washing in accordance with your skin type.

It is necessary to cleanse the skin from time to time. The most softly it will make oat flakes with ground rice: 0.5 tsp. Grinded on a coffee grinder, rice is mixed with 1 st.l. oat flakes and add warm water to cover the mixture. After five minutes, add sunflower oil and, gently massage, apply to the skin of the face. After five minutes, wash it off with water prepared for washing. The skin becomes smooth with a matt shade.

Fatty skin is well cleansed with the help of decoction of horsetail (1 st.l on 1 l of water). The broth is moistened with gauze, folded in several layers, and applied to the face, periodically moistening as it dries. After half an hour wash with water at room temperature.

Combined skin is cleaned with infusion of lilac (1 t.l. of torn flowers on 0.5st boiling water insist 4 hours), wiping with a cotton swab in the morning and in the evening.

Cleanses any skin, moisturizes it and rejuvenates 1 st.l. juice of aloe diluted 1 st. water.

Learn how to wash properly and most importantly – remember, what to do it must be done daily, not occasionally.

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