How to wash off various oils from hair?

How to wash off various oils from hair?
Жирные масляные волосы выглядят непривлекательно и не эстетично. Поэтому смывать масляные маски с волос стоит с особой тщательностью. Сделать это можно при помощи подручных средств.

Oil mask for hair is very effective and effective. They allow you to restore the hair weakened by various negative agents, make them beautiful, soft and silky. That's only when using them there is a serious problem – how to wash off the mask properly.

There are several tricks at once, how it can be done. First of all, before application, any oil is recommended to mix with the egg yolk. This will not only make the mask more nutritious, but it will also make it easy to wash it off in the future. It is very important that only yolk gets into the oil, since the protein from warm water can curl up on the hair and it will be extremely difficult to wash or comb it out.

Also with flushing oil from hair, you need to apply the shampoo all along their length and the roots of the hair, and then leave it on your head for 5-7 minutes. During this time, the fat will dissolve and the oil will easily wash off.

Vinegar is also an excellent helper. In a basin with warm water, dilute 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar and put hair into it for a couple of minutes. At first, the curly acetic odor will clearly be felt from the curls, but soon it will disappear.

It is very important to wash your head after an oil mask not once, but two or three. In this case, during the first two, you must always use warm water. Cool you can rinse completely clean hair.

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