How to wash off the red hair dye

How to wash off the red hair dye
Very often, women change their appearance, and especially often the color volos. Many people believe that changing their color volos can be without much difficulty. People who are considered experimenters regularly experience the same story, namely painting volos leads to negative consequences, cross-section and brittleness, loss of brilliance and elasticity. And it often happens that women when staining get "ginger"The result and then do not know how to wash off volos redhead.

You will need
  • honey, cellophane film.
Take ordinary natural honey. This is one of the effective folk remedies for the removal of an unsuccessful or annoying red paint. The amount of honey depends on length Your volos. Collect so much honey in a plate, enough to apply to the whole area head. If the honey is too thick, heat it – it will become more liquid and viscous.

Wrap your shoulders with an old towel or diaper. Sticky honey can blur вашу одежду. Затем нанесите медовую маску на voloss. Thoroughly rub this mixture, starting with roots and ending with tips volos.

After applying honey, wrap voloss cellophane package, and from above wrap up with a towel or some other heater. Better делать маску на всю ночь или на весь день. Примерно через 12 часов смойте маску теплой проточной водой, высушите volosы и оцените результат. За один сеанс вы должны посветлеть примерно на один-два тона.

If you need fast, за один сеанс мыть ginger color, then in this case you still have to resort to chemical washing, and then paint voloss in a new shade. But this is very detrimental to health volos.

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