How to wash off the red color

How to wash off the red color
Unfortunately, it happens that dreams of color наших volos do not coincide with the actual result. It turned out that ginger color does not suit you! What to do? Do not leave the house until your hair grows? Shave your hair? There is a more acceptable way …

Suppose you were painted with henna. This paint is harmless, but it is almost impossible to wash it off. Any chemical paint over the henna can give a green tint. In this case, you need to make an oil mask. The oil draws henna from volos. Apply warmed olive oil to hair, put on the heating cap, after 2 hours, rinse. Or so: moisten the hair with alcohol or hold in hot water to slightly "loosen" the hair. Then make an oil mask, as mentioned above. Also will open hair scales laundry soap. After washing your head, you also need an oil mask.

Можно попробовать маску из кефира и дрожжей. Для этого 40 граммов дрожжей перемешайте в стакане кефира, нанесите получившуюся кашицу на волосы на 2 часа. Прокисшая сметана тоже сгодится.

В тазу с водой растворите 3 столовые ложки уксуса. В течение 10 минут подержите в растворе волосы, потом очень хорошо прополощите. Нанесите на волосы укрепляющий бальзам.

Химическое staining is removed by chemical means. This so-called washings. They are produced by several companies, buy one that suits you for the price and type of hair. They come with the effect of discoloration or acid, without perhydrol. It is not difficult to make a wash, although it will be difficult to eliminate the red color, it is difficult washed off: 1. After mixing the compositions, the wash on hair should be applied very fast, так как после получаса она теряет свою эффективность. 2. Промазывайте прядь за прядью, следя, чтобы каждый волосок был охвачен и впитывал смывку максимально. 3. Не держите состав больше получаса – большей эффективности вы не добьетесь, потому что, опять же, washout loses its properties.4. Лучше после процедуры помыть волосы скрабирующим шампунем в горячей воде – чем hotter, all the better. 5. Perhaps, the washing procedure will need to be repeated several times until you achieve the desired result. Since the hair has undergone a significant chemical effect, treat them after the procedure. If possible, do not tint them for a while.

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