How to wash off oil from hair

How to wash off oil from hair
Many masks for volos at home include in its composition various oils – burdock, castor, almond, etc. All of them have only a beneficial effect on the health of hair – strengthen, give shine, make them healthy, stimulate growth. But the oil has one disgusting quality – it's very hard to wash it off.

После применения масла в качестве маски, не торопитесь мочить волосы под струей воды. Для начала требуется только смоченными руками пройтись несколько раз по волосам.

Take your favorite shampoo and soap them head. Foam will not appear as quickly as usual, as oil prevents it.

If you feel that the hair is dry, you need to wet your hands again and continue to whip the foam. It will turn out very viscous. Particular attention should be paid to the roots of the hair.

Когда на голове образовалось достаточно большое количество пены, смываем ее водой обычным способом. Мылим голову шампунем повторно и снова смываем.

Hair has already become clean. But very rough to the touch. Therefore, do not forget to use your favorite balm. The whole procedure is over, all oil is well removed!

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