How to wash off hair color with soap

How to wash off hair color with soap
In the days of our great-grandmothers and grandmothers, laundry soap was the best means for washing volos, for sure, because it was the only one. Many women could then boast of thick, strong and shiny volosam. Do not forget that soap at that time was different, and the ecology was better than now, and volosWomen did not increase and did not stain, washed once a week, be sure rinsing for the beauty of decoctions of herbs or diluted vinegar.

Nowadays, household soap is used by some of the fair sex as homemade means to remove from volos chemical paint. Remember that any coloring violates, in one way or another, the structure of the curls, so paint volosы, по возможности, in the hairdresser's.

Changing the color of the head of the house, carefully follow the instructions of the instruction that comes with the paint, and be prepared for the fact that the color may not be the one you dream about. In particular, this applies to those girls, whose volosWe were previously stained with persistent dyes, with henna or were discolored.

При неудачном окрашивании попробуйте смыть paint с volos with the help of laundry soap. In spite of the fact that it dries volosIts highly concentrated alkaline composition allows the artificial pigment to be washed out of the structure of the ringlets for several applications.

Use laundry soap to washings colors with volos in the following way. Wash the head in the usual way. After that, lather volosы soap. Leave the foam on the hair for 3-4 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Already from the first time the paint will gradually come off.

Do several similar procedures at once (3-4), if the failed color is too dark. After that, rinse volosы слабым раствором уксуса, чтобы восстановить их блеск. Увлажните локоны защитным несмываемым кремом.

Не удивляйтесь, если после такой процедуры смывки цвета ваша шевелюра станет тусклой и сухой. Хозяйственное мыло воздействует агрессивно на структуру volosbut, destroying its protective lipid layer, drying it from the inside. Scales volosbut remain in the open state, which gives volosAm not well-groomed appearance.

Care carefully for volosами после использования хозяйственного мыла. Отлично восстанавливают структуру поврежденных локонов ежедневные кефирные маски или теплые масляные обертывания. Эти средства не только увлажняют и питают, но также постепенно вытягивают искусственные цветовые пигменты из volosbut, returning them a natural color, a natural sheen and strength.

Use a balm rinse after each wash. Also apply to wet volosы indelible cream to protect them from additional drying after using soap.

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