How to wash off castor oil

How to wash off castor oil
Castor (or ricin) oil perfectly strengthens the hair, so it has long been popular among the fair sex. However, it also has a negative side – it is very poorly washed. What tools will help wash off the castor oil from the hair?

Ricin oil can be applied to eyelashes, eyebrows, hair. If with eyelashes and eyebrows can not be washed off, the presence of castor oil on the hair is undesirable, especially if this day is to be published. First, take the rule not to make an oil-based mask in front of a responsible exercise, because if you can not wash it off, your hair will look fat and dirty. Castor oil is best applied only to the roots, then it can be easily washed with ordinary shampoo. If after you have washed your hair, your hair is greasy, dry it a little, soap it, and rinse it again with water. So you should repeat 3-4 times. Do not forget that the water should be hot, the fat in it dissolves much better.

If you apply oil on the entire length of the hair, it will be more difficult to wash it off. Remove castor oil from hair with a simple dishwashing detergent. But remember that the dishwashing liquid contains a lot of chemical elements that can have unpredictable effects on your hair. Possible consequences such as dandruff, dryness, hairiness of hair.

Castor oil can be washed off with ordinary household soap. Thoroughly soap the hair along the entire length. Then rinse off the foam, rinse the hair well with warm water, at the end of the procedure, make sure you use a softening balm. Household soap dries out the scalp and hair a little, so the use of balm in this case is mandatory.

Чтобы легко смыть рициновое масло, заранее подготовьте немного водки или сок лимона. Добавьте тот или иной продукт в масло, получится отличная маска для волос. Эти дополнительные ингредиенты не только помогут с легкостью избавиться from fat content, they will have a beneficial effect on your hair.

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