How to wash off black color

How to wash off black color
If you have unsuccessfully colored your hair, then do not despair. Cutting them to the very roots is not likely to be a good idea. To wash off black paint from hair is problematic enough, but, nevertheless, it is possible. There are several ways to wash out black paint. It is worth to approach very responsibly to this procedure, since the result of her result depends on the health of the hair.

Ask for help to professionals. You will be consulted by experienced specialists and will advise you such tools that are suitable for your type volos. With the help of special flushing agents you will remove the paint from your hair. Expect one hundred percent effect should not be, only gradually you can return your hair color. Услуги по смывке краски с волос можно получить практически в любом салоне красоты, но стоит это недешево. Зато результат буден виден на лицо.

If you do not have enough money to afford beauty salon, then in domestic conditions you can easily cope on your own. Buy a wash in the store. The best thing Pick up qualitative and well-known brand, которой вы доверяете. Четко следуя инструкции, пройдите процедуру. Помните, что это очень большой стресс для ваших волос. За один раз можно осветлить hair only on 1-2 tone, but often to use a flushing agent is not necessary, because it spoils your hair.

There is another way that will allow you to get rid of black hair in the household conditions. Wash your hair in your usual way. Then soap the hair economic мылом. Подержите пару минут, затем смойте. Уже во время полоскания черный цвет начнет вымываться. После этой процедуры обязательно нанесите на волосы питательный бальзам. Многие стилисты и парикмахеры советуют использовать хозяйственное мыло при смывке черной краски.

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