How to wash off a shade of discolored hair

How to wash off a shade of discolored hair
Blonde ashy, linen, platinum, golden – such names attract many women who dream of getting the light color of their volos. One way to achieve the desired shade is to discolor volos. In order for this procedure not to end badly, it is necessary to take good care of volosafter discoloration.

You will need
  • – oxidizer;
  • – balsam-conditioner;
  • – a decoction of chamomile;
  • water.
Try to postpone discoloration if you have recently performed this procedure. Give volostime to restore their structure. Hair after discoloration becomes brittle, and can begin to fall out or break off already when the composition is washed off.

Use a suitable concentration of oxidant to discolor. Better buy it in a professional store for hairdressers. The concentration of the oxidant depends on the shade volosYou have before discoloration: the lighter voloss, the lower the concentration. This product is usually sold in large quantities; Do not use all at once, leave for root discoloration volos further.

After discoloration, flush the oxidizer with plenty of water. To avoid deposition volos Do not pull or twist strands while washing. Allow the water to drain off volos, and pat them with a towel.

Apply on voloss balm – rinse for a few minutes. He will slightly smooth out the damaged flakes volos. Смойте водой бальзам также без механического воздействия на volosы. Обратите внимание на качество бальзама – ополаскивателя. Он должен быть предназначен для сухих и окрашенных volos with a restoring effect.

Use after discoloration with regenerating serum or cream. Unlike the balm, they do not need to be washed off. The choice of whey or cream depends on the type of your volos. Wrongly selected means will only make heavier voloss.

Rinse discolored voloss decoction of chamomile (1 tablespoon on a glass of water, then dilute with water to the volume of 1 liters). Broth will give your light volosам неповторимый блеск.

Give volosThey can dry naturally, that is, without the use of a hair dryer. If hair allows, try to dry as little as possible the discolored volosы феном.

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