How to wash iodine from the skin

How to wash iodine from the skin
Spots iodine go off the body quickly enough, usually within a day of them does not remain a trace. But if you need to get rid of the brown color as soon as possible skin из-за iodine, try to force the process a little.

You will need
  • – soap;
  • – scrub;
  • – washcloth;
  • – sea salt;
  • – alcohol;
  • – lemon juice.
Apply a cream or olive oil to the skin. Fatty substances promote early absorption iodine, что ведет к постепенному исчезновению темного пятна. Через час попробуйте отмыть йод с помощью мочалки или губки для тела.

Take a bath with the addition of sea salt. The skin will become softer from hot water, respectively, and remove iodine without any problems. Lather the loofah and rub the place on which the stain appears. The best is suitable for children's or household soap.

Если йод мочалкой не оттирается, нанесите на кожу скраб и тщательно помассируйте. Ополосните тело водой. Вместо пилинга можно использовать и мелкую соль. Смешайте ее с гелем для мытья и нанесите на проблемную зону. Если осталось едва заметное пятно, не переживайте, оно сойдет через пару часов. Смажьте тело молочком или питательным кремом.

Moisten cotton pad with medical alcohol, vodka or moonshine. Attach it to the spot for 5 minutes, then lightly rub it. If it does not help the first time, repeat the procedure. But do not be very hard on it, the skin can become dry and rough. Then be sure to apply the cream.

Избавиться от пятен iodine on hands it is possible with advantage. Wash things in the pelvis. The powder solution will remove the brown color in just a few minutes. If you do not want to do laundry, just make a bath, and add more detergent to the water, which contains no chlorine, for example, dishwashing liquid. Also suitable and lemon juice, diluted with water in the ratio of 1: 5.

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