How to wash henna

How to wash henna
If you decide to change the shade of hair with henna, then remember that changing the color afterwards will be problematic. Natural dyes penetrate the scales of hairs, and if you decide to repaint hair, then the final shade can turn unpredictable.

You will need
  • – alcohol;
  • – растительное масло (обычное оливковое или репейное);
  • – Shampoo;
  • – polyethylene hat;
  • – Towel.
First, you need to achieve the opening of the scalp hair, then to wash the paint out of them. You can use hot water – hold the curls in the basin with hot water for several minutes. The same action has alcohol – apply it to the hair, spread over the entire surface of the head, cover the head with a plastic cap and leave the compress for five minutes.

Снимите шапочку и смажьте hair oil, не смывая спирт. Пропитав все пряди маслом, наденьте шапочку и утеплите голову, намотав сверху полотенце или теплый шарф. Походите так полчаса, затем вымойте голову, применяя шампунь. Возможно, вам придется повторить процедуру несколько раз, пока хна окончательно не смоется.

If the standard washing procedure does not lead to the desired result, then try to make cleansing masks. Dilute dry yeast in a small amount of water, add a little sugar to the mixture and apply the composition to the hair. Cover your head with polyethylene and wrap it on top with a scarf – after half an hour wash with a normal shampoo. If you make this mask daily for one or two weeks, the paint will gradually come off and your natural hair color will recover.

Compresses made of vinegar can also help get rid of the red tint. Dissolve a spoonful of table vinegar in a liter of water and hold the hair in this solution for about ten minutes. Then rinse hair with shampoo and apply balm conditioner on them. If one time is not enough, then repeat the procedure every other day.

Clear laundry with henna will help laundry soap. Wash them hair – alkaline components will open hair scales, and water will wash the paint out of them. After this washing of the head, you must always restore the balance of the skin and hair – use any nourishing mask.

Make the color a little weaker help mask from sour cream. Sour sour cream, grease hair, distribute it in all the strands and leave for one hour. After this time, wash your hair.

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