How to wash hair with water and soda

How to wash hair with water and soda
Some products have substances that make them clean different surfaces. Find out how to wash your hair with soda, very interesting, and most importantly – inexpensive. Many have already switched to this method of washing their heads.

You will need
  • Soda – 2 tablespoons.
  • Lit of warm water.
  • Травяной сбор ромашки.
First, determine how much soda is required for your hair, the longer and thicker, the more it will be required. On average, 2 tablespoons go to the hair below the shoulders.

Now you need to stir the soda in a liter of water. It is better to pick up water of normal temperature, so that it does not cool down for several minutes after adding soda. It must be dissolved in water as best as possible, wait until it settles, so that the water becomes more transparent.

Now my hair. First they must be soaked in warm water, and this must be done carefully. In the scalp we rub water and soda. This should be done vigorously and intensively, the procedure takes about 15 minutes if the hair is long. Then rinse the remnants of the solution – this is easy to do, soda is washed very easily, unlike shampoos and soaps.

Treat hair with infusion on herbs. Make a mask, or just rinse them. You will immediately see that they will not only be clean, but also soft, easy to lay. You can make a mask of colorless henna, rinse with green tea, or rinse them with infusion of chamomile, as was suggested at the beginning. Do not use baking soda after baking soda, even if it is very high quality. Use natural, home remedies, preferably – herbs and infusions from them.

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