How to wash a jacket

How to wash a jacket
Let's say you are a lucky owner of a snow-white down jacket. It is beautiful, it goes to you and it's warm, but after a while after the socks you begin to notice that the color of your outfit has changed slightly, and not for the better. Of course, you can give a fluffy jacket to dry cleaning, but it is much quicker and cheaper to wash it at home yourself.

You will need
  • Washing machine, detergent for delicate fabrics, hanger
Strictly speaking, in most washing there is nothing difficult. Modern washing machines are equipped with a special mode at 40 degrees for synthetic and delicate fabrics. It may even happen that you have a machine that provides a wash mode for the upper clothes – это еще better. Моющее средство нужно использовать специальное для деликатной стирки (шерсть или деликатные ткани), если куртка color – for delicate colored fabrics. Fur parts, if provided by the model, must be unfastened before washing, all zippers to fasten.

После окончания стирки начинается как раз самая кропотливая работа – сушка. Дело в том, что куртки, содержащие пух, при стирке имеют свойство сваливаться, как мокрые перьевые подушки. Поэтому очень важно correctly dry your jacket – do This is so that all the fluffs dry up, straighten out and take the original form and properties. After you get the jacket from the washing machine, you will thoroughly shake every detail of it: the sleeves, the hood (if any), the backrest and shelves. Try to make the down filling evenly распределилась по поверхности.

Повесьте куртку на вешалку в теплом, хорошо проветриваемом location. After a while, when it dries a little – repeat the procedure. Your task is to achieve even drying of the fluff inside jackets, and for this shake it will have several times.
But the result will not keep you waiting. When everything is ready – you will again become the owner of a clean, sparkling and even lighter and airy jacket.

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