How to wash a fur

How to wash a fur
Washing of fur products is a rather unpredictable process. If you do not carry out a test in advance of the strength of the material, you can spoil the fur thing, which will no longer be subject to recovery. The whole point is that water in combination with a detergent can wash out of the fabric on which the fur is fixed, all the fats that are responsible for the elasticity of the material. Therefore, before you start washing the fur, you need to make a small test.

You will need
  • detergent, ammonia, semolina / baby powder / talc, brush, acetic essence / glycerin, alcohol
В 50 мл емкости с теплой водой капните одну каплю моющего facilities and two drops of ammonia alcohol, then apply drop by drop of this solution on different sites of connective tissue and wait for absorption, after what do you pull the material into different sides. If the fabric is torn, this so, that it can not be processed, in all other cases, the product can be cleaned.

Load the product into the washing machine, previously choosing a delicate mode. Remember, the main goal is to prepare the fur for further cleaning, and not to remove all contaminations with it at once. At the end of the washing process, dry the product properly and proceed to the next step.

Now, when the fur is prepared for further deeper processing, take the dry semolina, baby powder or talc. Pour the chosen remedy into the basin and place the fur there. Then carefully rub the selected product into the fur product as if you were washing it. The more carefully you will be this делать, the dirtier will become the means, and the fur, at the same time, cleaned.

Стряхните чистящий компонент с очищенного меха и хорошенько прочешите его щеткой, чтобы в нем не осталось лишних сыпучих веществ.

To give your fur product the same shine, lightly moisten it with acetic essence or glycerol and, without waiting for complete drying, wipe it with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Now your fur will play again in the sun, will get partially lost when washing quality и будет выглядеть как new.

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