How to wash a fat stain

How to wash a fat stain
There is nothing more annoying than putting a fat stain on the clothes or upholstery of furniture. However, do not worry: this stain can be removed. The way to remove the stain of fat will depend on how quickly you decide to get rid of contamination.

You will need
  • Depending on the method: salt, flour, talc, blotting paper, gasoline or other solvent, stain remover, chalk, soap, clean white rag, powder of burnt magnesia.
If fatty spot не застарелое, а свежее, его можно удалить простой солью. Для этого поверхность blemishes sprinkle abundantly with salt and gently rub. So it is necessary do repeatedly. Instead of salt suit also flour, better potato.
If the wool or silk thing has just been buried with fat, you can try to remove the stain with talc, crushed chalk or burnt magnesia. Sprinkle the stain with talcum powder or other powders mentioned above and cover it with blotting paper. Instead of paper, you can use an ordinary clean white rag.
Еще один слой промокательной бумаги (или тряпочку) положите с другой стороны ткани, под пятно. Прогладьте поверхность теплым утюгом. Можно потом поставить сверху гнет и оставить до завтра.

If the greasy spots on your clothes or fabric upholstery are old, you will have to use radical means. In such cases, turpentine, acetone, gasoline or other solvent can help. Special stain removers also work well. They are a mixture of different solvents.
Before cleaning the fabric with special средств, надо прогладить пятно теплым утюгом, подложив from below and on top of the blotting cloth, as described above. Then you can apply a solvent or other suitable liquid to a clean cloth and begin to clean the surface of the tissue. Tear follows from the edges of the spot to its middle. this is done for that. so that there are no blurred halos.
После этого нужно снова повторить процедуру проглаживания теплым утюгом. Не забудьте положить на пятно и под него промокательную бумагу. Только после этого вещь можно стирать.

If the stain from the fat is decorated with a thing that can not be washed, you can try to clean it with flour. Take the potato flour, heat it. Then sprinkle a large amount of hot flour stain. Underneath, under a greasy spot, there must be a clean white cloth.
After 20-25 minutes, clean the surface of the flour and repeat the procedure again. So it is necessary делать until the stain is removed. Then you can clean thing by brush.

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