How to visually reduce the face

How to visually reduce the face
With the help of a properly selected make-up, you can not only emphasize all the dignity of the face, but also change its proportions. Stock up a powder of different shades, rosy natural tones and brown-beige shadows and a set of quality brushes. Using all this arsenal, you can visually reduce face, to shorten the nose and get rid of the second chin.

You will need
  • – moisturizing cream;
  • – tone;
  • – powder of different tones;
  • – Shadows;
  • – mascara;
  • – eyeliner;
  • – colored pigments;
  • – latex sponges;
  • – Puff;
  • – Brushes of different sizes.
Select the tonal means suitable for sculpting. Instead of a cream it is better to use powdery textures – powders, shadows, blush or loose pigments. You will need good soft brushes of different sizes and latex sponges.

Подготовьте face. Apply a moisturizing cream – with it the make-up will lie more evenly and the color boundaries will be less noticeable. Wait for 5-7 minutes and cover the skin with a thin layer of neutral tone. Powder face и смахните излишки веерообразной кисточкой.

Start sculpting. To face visually it seemed smaller, you need to darken its outlines. Type on a medium-sized flat brush a bit of dark beige or grayish-brown pigment or a tan powder. Draw a line along the roots of the hair and at the temples. Use a fluffy soft brush to feather the border.

Remove the second chin and give the lower jaw a more elegant outline. Carefully circle it with a brush with a dark powder. Tilt your head and draw a triangle on your chin, expanding to the cheekbones. Thoroughly shake it with a brush or latex sponge. Evaluate the result in the magnifying mirror and repeat the procedure if necessary.

To shorten the nose, draw a thin brush with a beige-gray pigment on its back. Select a dimple on the chin, applying a little dark powder on it with the help of a sponge or fingers. Type on the round brush the powder of the color of the tan. In a circular motion, place it on the cheeks, visually removing their volume. Make a stroke under the cheekbone and finish it at the chin. This will give the person elongation and make it thinner.

Dip the puff in a powder of light beige or cream shade. Shake off the excess and cover the skin with a thin layer of the remedy. This aligns the border of the color and makes the transitions invisible, even with close contact.

Stress your eyebrows and eyes. Put a thin layer of beige shadows on the eyelids, and darken the outer corners in a brown tone. Along the line of eyelashes, apply eyeliner and thickly make up eyelashes. Carefully designed eyes will attract attention and visually reduce face.

If you need a "small head", change your hair. High combed hair from the forehead and temples increase face, а густые челки и приспущенные на висках пряди – уменьшают. Желательно избегать пышных локонов, мелких кудрей и слишком светлых оттенков волос. Прямые блестящие пряди темных тонов, частично скрывающие face, make it small and elegant.

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