How to visually reduce the cheeks

How to visually reduce the cheeks
People with an ideal shape of the face oval can be met infrequently. Although pronounced shortcomings – a rare phenomenon. Basically, however, there are only minor flaws in the image, which can be corrected, armed with a modern arsenal of cosmetics. To completely correctable errors include the round, full cheeks, which are often complained of young girls.

When you begin to correct the face, remember the most important rule make-up: what needs to be reduced or removed, dimmed, and what is important to highlight and approximate, respectively, is clarified.

Shade Convex sticks можно при помощи тонального крема или пудры на тон темнее естественного цвета кожи. Одновременно вы должны немного выделить центральную часть лица – нос и подбородок. Для этого следует воспользоваться тональником с легкой сияющей текстурой оттенком светлее вашей кожи.

Возьмите широкую мягкую кисть и нанесите более темную пудру на боковую поверхность лица – вперед и вниз от висков и уха к нижней челюсти. Светлой пудрой отметьте центральную линию носа и подбородок. Затем воспользуйтесь румянами, наложив их от висков по направлению к кончику вашего носа, а также от скул к уголкам рта.

Next, pay attention to the eyebrows. They should not be long. In the central part, leave more hair to create a clear fracture, at the edges leave a thin line.

Doing eye makeup, also try not to lengthen their line with a stroke. And the shadows should be taken in two shades: the lighter you apply to that part of the mobile age that is closer to the nose, the darker ones to the outer edge. The area under the eyebrows do not need to be painted.

To hide the fullness of the cheeks, it is equally important to choose the right hairstyle. You should not comb your hair back and pick up voluminous, curvy hairstyles that will emphasize an unnecessarily round (or triangular) face. Remember, that in your hairdress necessarily should be dominated by vertical lines. High nails and rollers come up, the bangs are straight or oblique, but do not cover the entire forehead. It will look good bangs, decorated with "denticles" of different length (the edges are longer than in the center). A hairstyle will do, as well as a hairstyle made of slightly curly medium hair. Just do not try to do "chemistry" with small curls.

At the core of your hairstyle should be asymmetry. Never do a direct parting in the center of the head. It must either be side, or it should not be in principle.

Если вам необходимо надевать головной убор, отдавайте предпочтение шляпам высоким и ни в коем случае не с широкими полями.

Do not forget also about the form of jewelry. Round and volume earrings and clips will make your sticks visually even wider, so try to choose something elongated or polygonal in shape. Short chains and large round beads give the girlfriend that they are more suitable for, and you look for long, thin chains.

И, наконец, обратите внимание на вырез вашей одежды и форму воротничка. Круглые, узкие и «стойки» вам не подходят, т.к. зрительно укорачивают лицо и выделяют sticks. Для вас предпочтительнее вырезы и воротники, напоминающие по форме треугольник.

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