How to visually enlarge the eyes

How to visually enlarge the eyes
Great expressive eyeа – a real decoration of a woman's face. But those who are not born with such a gift of nature, should not be upset – they will come to the aid of decorative cosmetics. Mascara, shadows and eyeliner visually increase eyes and give them a special attraction.

You will need
  • – base for shadows;
  • – shadows of three shades;
  • – пудровая подводка или карандаш;
  • – mascara.
Thoroughly prepare the skin around the eyes. Wipe it with a soft tonic without alcohol, apply a special base on the upper eyelids. Her shadows will lie more evenly, and the make-up will last longer.

Too low wide eyebrows visually reduce eyes and make the look hard and heavy. Carefully remove excess hairs and give the eyebrows a beautiful shape. If you doubt that you can do it yourself, contact the master at the salon. The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. Once in two weeks plucked eyebrows require correction – do not forget about it.

Take care of the skin under eyesmi – it should be perfectly smooth. Apply a concealer, masking dark circles and hiding the swelling. Powder the skin with friable powder of a neutral shade.

Выберите тени в одной гамме. Для повседневного макияжа подойдут дымчато-серые или бежево-коричневые оттенки. Вам понадобятся два-три гармонирующих тона. Подберите мягкий карандаш или пудровую подводку для век и тушь черного, темно-коричневого или темно-серого оттенка.

Under the eyebrow, draw a line with a light pink pencil. Light the area near the bridge of the nose and gently blend the borders with your fingers. On the upper eyelid, put a thin layer of light shadows – cream, gently beige or pearl white. Choose the shades of satin texture – with them eyes will look bigger.

The outer corner of the century is darkened with shades of grayish-beige or smoky shade. Use soft brushes made of natural or synthetic pile. Foam applicator is too sharp, and soft color transitions are important for eye enlargement.

Type a few dark gray or brown shadows on the beveled hard brush. Draw a line through the upper eyelid, from the middle eyes to the outer corner. With the same piping, draw the lower eyelid, carefully draw the outer corner and blend the line so that it is not too sharp.

Вместо теней можно использовать мягкий карандаш или пудровую подводку с фетровым спонжем. Не подводите слизистую глаз – это уменьшит их размер. Выбирайте подводку темно-серого или коричневого цвета, черный смотрится слишком грубо и старит. Не вытягивайте стрелки к вискам и не делайте их слишком толстыми. Чем аккуратнее и тоньше линия, тем крупнее выглядит глаз.

Carefully stain the upper and lower eyelashes with lengthening mascara. Apply mascara, gently press the eyelashes, bending them upwards – this will make the look more open and increase eyes. For greater effect, you can use special curling tongs.

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