How to visually enlarge the eyes

How to visually enlarge the eyes
Eyes – source of charm. People meet with views, people exchange views, try to understand the feelings and thoughts of others in the eyes. The first black and white movie is a movie of close-ups in which the great actresses conquered the audience with their fatal look. But ordinary women in their ordinary life also dream of big beautiful eyes. Even if you have small eyes from nature, you can increase them visually with the help of simple techniques.

You will need
  • eyeshadow
  • Eyebrow Tweezers
  • mascara
Give the right shape to the eyebrows. Make eyebrows more thin и слегка приподнятыми с help tweezers for eyebrows.

Нанесите на подвижное веко matte shadow of the corporal color, and for a fixed part of the century, apply white shade and shade them to the eyebrows.

P "P" SЏ eyelashes use ink, увеличивающей volume.

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