How to visually enlarge the chest

How to visually enlarge the chest
A beautiful woman's breast is the pride of her mistress and attracts men's looks. There are some simple tricks that will allow you to achieve a visual breast enlargement by one size without the help of plastic surgeons.

Use a bronzer or powder of a darker shade than the natural tone of your skin. Brush the powder over the breast and in the hollow. You should get a kind of letter Y. После этого хайлайтером (вместо него можно взять светлые тени с перламутром) пройдитесь по выступающим частям груди под местами нанесения бронзатора. Так вы подчеркнете форму и выделите выпуклости. Тщательно растушуйте все цветовые переходы.

Pay attention to choosing a bra. He should not push and pull, it is better to take a slightly larger size. Choose models with hard cups, increase the size of the breast with a "push-up" cup, it lifts the chest at the expense of internal foam inserts.

Choose clothes with V-shaped, round cutouts. Add in the wardrobe blouses with ruffles, flounces, bows and drapery. Visually increase the amount of clothing light shades.

Watch your posture. A straight back and straightened shoulders will show your breasts in the most favorable light.

Do exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles. This will help increase their tone and improve the shape of the breast.

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