How to visit the solarium

How to visit the solarium
Excessive infatuation with tanning in a solarium can harm – lead to the growth of tumors, increased pigmentation and loss of skin elasticity. To avoid such problems and be beautiful all year round and tanned, it is worth sticking to some rules when visiting the solarium.

First of all, consult a doctor. There are many situations when sunburn is contraindicated. For example, with diabetes, thyroid disease, tuberculosis or hypertension. You can not visit a solarium при обострениях болезней желудочно-кишечного тракта, высокой температуре, если вы принимаете антидепрессанты, антибиотики, транквилизаторы. Некоторые из лекарств повышают светочувствительность кожи. Посетите онколога, если на вашем теле есть выпуклые или растущие родинки.

Choose a solarium for recommendations. Try to find out how long the lamps have been changed there. If the lamps are new, the time of the session should be reduced.

Do not shower with soap, do not use scrub and peeling before going to the solarium, as the skin, devoid of the protective layer, is more prone to burns. Do not use perfume and cosmetics before the session, it can lead to skin irritation.

Use special means for tanning in the solarium. Normal sunscreen will not work. Consult a specialist in the salon and get a cream tip that's right for your skin type. If you like the effect, you can buy a jar of this product in another place, at a lower price. Such special creams protect the skin, help to take ultraviolet and recover after the procedures.

In the solarium, be sure to use eye protection glasses with lenses that do not miss the ultraviolet. Do not forget to remove contact lenses before the procedure. Protect hair with a cap or handkerchief. Protection also requires breasts – use a bra or disposable pads on halos. Намажьте губы гигиенической помадой с солнцезащитным фильтром. Если на теле есть tattoo, it is better to cover them. Remove all ornaments and jewelry.

Select with the help of a consultant a competent mode of tanning, depending on the type of skin, its condition and the power of the solarium radiation. Sunburn in vertical solarium should last no more than 5 minutes, the optimal visit schedule is 6-8 sessions with intervals of a couple of days. In a horizontal solarium you can sunbathe up to 10 minutes per session. These are standard recommendations, people with swarthy skin and time can increase the number of sessions, and red hair and light skin – to reduce.

After the procedure, take a shower, moisturize the skin with lotion and drink a vitamin drink.

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