How to use wax for depilation

How to use wax for depilation
Wax depilation is considered one of the most effective methods of hair removal. Although this procedure is rather painful, the result is worth it: after waxing, you can forget about unwanted vegetation for at least 2-3 weeks. Another advantage of wax depilation is that it can be carried out at home. And if you do it regularly, after a while your hair will become thin and unnoticeable and there will be less of it.

You will need
  • – wax;
  • – spatula for applying wax;
  • – Talcum or special powder;
  • – paper or cloth for depilation;
  • – Lotion or milk for the body.
Wash and dry the towel areas of the body on which you are going to depilate. The skin should be clean and dry, not treated with any cosmetic means.

Preheat the wax. For this you can use the water bath. Put the wax in a small metal container and place it on the bottom of a pot of water, so that the container with wax does not float in the pan, otherwise the wax may pour out. Then put the pan on medium heat and wait until the wax begins to melt. Preheat the wax for depilation can and with a microwave oven. The time of aging of the wax in this case will be 30-60 seconds.

Check the temperature of the heated wax. This must be done to avoid burns. Use a spatula to scoop up a small amount of wax and apply it gently on your arm. If the skin can withstand the temperature, you can start depilation.

Degrease the skin, sprinkling it with talc or a special powder for depilation. Then use a spatula with a thin layer (0,5-1 mm), apply the wax on the skin area in the direction of hair growth. Make sure that the wax strips are slightly narrower and 3-5 cm shorter than the strips of paper or tissue for depilation. Put a tissue or paper strip on the waxed skin area and smooth it, tightly pressing against the skin in the direction from the middle to the edges. One edge of the strip for easy gripping should be left unattached.

Когда воск застынет, резким рывком снимите полоску, обязательно по направлению против роста волос. Если вам не удалось удалить все волосы за один раз, повторите процедуру, но не более трех раз для одного и того же участка. При обработке чувствительных областей кожи используйте меньше воска – это сделает процедуру менее болезненной и позволит избежать раздражения.

In the same way, treat new skin areas. When removing strips of tissue or paper, pull them in the direction parallel to the skin surface, and not perpendicularly: first, it is less painful, and secondly, so you can remove the maximum amount of hair in one application. To accelerate the depilation process, the wax can be applied immediately to several areas that are not in contact with each other.

Remove the wax residue from the skin. To do this, it is sufficient to rub the treated skin area with any body care agent (cosmetic milk or lotion) applied to a cotton swab. You can also use a special oil to remove the wax after depilation.

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