How to use Velcro curler

How to use Velcro curler
Curlers-Velcro allow not only to create a beautiful hairstyle, but also to add extra volume to the hair. Their significant advantage over similar accessories for laying is that they are easy to attach and do not need to use any additional clips or pins. But curling the hair in this way, you need to be careful not to damage their structure.

Выберите curlers. They differ only in diameter, but it is from this parameter that the final result of the wave depends. For creating soft waves fit large curlers, for small curls, respectively, you need to select Velcro smaller size.

Wash the head with shampoo and apply conditioner, then rinse thoroughly with water. Give the hair a dry and for better fixation apply foam or mousse, distributing the comb along the entire length of the hair.

Определитесь, какая вам нужна завивка. Если вы хотите получить объем, то закручивайте бигуди внутрь, до самых корней. Просто локоны можно сделать, накручивая пряди на Velcro perpendicular to the head.

Collect hair with a clip on the vertex. Then straighten one strand from the bundle and comb it. Prjadki should be thin, that hair curlers well fastened. Take the hair with one hand and lift it at an angle of 45o, so as to maximally pull them from the roots. Hook the tip of the strand by Velcro and twist it upward. Press the curlers as close as possible to the roots of the hair, so that the stitching turns out to be three-dimensional.

Dry the curled strands with a hairdryer. Do not remove the curlers until the hair is cool. In extreme cases, cool them with a stream of cold air. Remove the hair curlers carefully, otherwise you can damage your hair, especially if it is thin and brittle.

Spread the resulting curls with your hands and fix them with varnish. If you curl your hair for the subsequent creation of a more complex hairstyle, gently comb the locks so as not to disturb the curly structure, and use the varnish until the laying is complete.

Keep the curler clean. Try to cleanse Velcro from the hair after each use. It is advisable to wash curlers with soap and dry, they can be stored absolutely in any container, for example, in a bag or just on a shelf, sticking to each other.

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