How to use the testers in the store

How to use the testers in the store
Use of store testers is an excellent opportunity to carefully read the product before purchasing. You can evaluate the fragrance, texture and degree of absorbency of the cream, try new makeup, test for firmness perfume or toilet water. Proper use of testers will help you save money and choose the cosmetics that you really need.

We are testing decorative cosmetics

According to the sales consultants in the store, testers of decorative cosmetics are very popular. The easiest way to choose products by brand. On the corporate stands exhibited as permanent, and limited and seasonal collections.

To properly assess the color and texture of the product, just try the product with your finger. Swipe through the shadows, powder or blush – you will understand how dense the coating, whether there is a product in the glitter.

Decorative cosmetics can be tested directly on the face. Grab a brush for powder from the house, applicators or brushes for podvodki. Wadded sticks will do, too – with their help you can apply shadows, lipstick or eyeliner. Go out and see how the product looks in natural light – daylight lamps often distort colors.

It is most safe to use new, just-exposed testers – they are usually found among seasonal collections.

Do not hesitate to try exposed cosmetics. However, use it carefully – close the tubes with lipstick and vials with varnish, do not confuse the testers, do not take funds more than you need.

The right choice of spirits

To buy aroma at random is a very risky occupation. Be sure to try парфюм, which you plan to purchase. For initial testing, it is sufficient to apply a little aromatic liquid to the blotter-paper strip. Choose a pair of options that you especially liked. Then apply perfume on the skin. It is desirable that it does not contain traces of other flavors that can distort perception.

Не торопитесь покупать понравившийся парфюм. Уйдите из магазина и «носите» аромат несколько часов. Вы услышите ноты сердца и шлейфа, поймете, насколько стоек выбранный парфюм. Если духи или туалетная вода вам по-прежнему нравятся, смело покупайте – скорее всего, этот продукт вас не разочарует.

Note that different concentrations of the same flavor may differ by smell. If you need perfume, test it, not the toilet water.

Creams, lotions and other care products

The most complex object for testing is cosmetics for skin care. Not at all means there are testers, besides they are not updated often. As a result, you can not always accurately assess the fragrance and texture of the cream, lotion or tonic. If the desired product is not available for free, contact the sales consultants. Perhaps they will offer you factory samplers, designed for free distribution.

Постарайтесь оценить текстуру средства. Крем для лица или тела нанесите на руки – вы поймете, как быстро он впитывается, оставляет ли пленку или ощущение липкости. В некоторых магазинах предлагают мини-порции на пробу – их можно приобрести за небольшую сумму или получить is free. By agreement with the consultant, you can put some cream or gel from the tester bottle in a clean jar brought with you, and then try the product at home.

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