How to use suntan oil

How to use suntan oil
Suntan oil protects the skin from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays and at the same time contributes to the formation of a golden hue of the skin. It can be used both on the beach and in the solarium, it is important only to choose the right type of funds and use it wisely.

You will need
  • Масло для загара, скраб.
All suntan oils can be divided into those that are designed for the beach, and those that need to be used in a tanning salon. Before you buy a cosmetic product, decide what you need it for.

Масла для солнечного загара содержат ультрафиолетовые фильтры, но при этом их защитный фактор минимален. Как правило, он равен 2. Это означает, что нанесение его на кожу увеличивает время безопасного пребывания на солнце в 2 раза. Такие продукты содержат определенные добавки, которые способствуют формированию интенсивного загара.

Если вы предпочитаете загорать в солярии, остановите свой выбор на специальных маслах. Такие средства увлажняют кожу, не давая ей пересохнуть, а также стимулируют выработку меланина и способствуют закреплению на коже золотистого оттенка.

Whichever product you choose, purchase it only in large stores or pharmacies. Always pay attention to the expiration date and the date of release of the oil. Do not buy funds with expiring shelf life, as over time their components are rancid, and ultraviolet filters are destroyed.

In order for the product to be most effective, apply it correctly. Apply oil for 30 minutes before going to the beach. During this time, the product is completely absorbed. Often, women prefer to use it directly on the beach because of its excessively greasy texture. If you forgot to smear the body with oil or did not want to stain clothing, after applying it in the open air, try to hide in 15-20 minutes in the shade, and only then start boldly to sunbathe.

Carefully watch to oil all the areas of the body, as well as face. Ask someone from domestic distribute the product on the back. To tan the leg more evenly, before applying the product on the skin, treat it with a scrub. If you are the owner of oily problem skin of the face, the use of oil can lead to the appearance of rashes. Especially comedogenic are those products that contain mineral oils. Do not use such products if you suffer from acne. Replace them with low-fat sunburn creams.

Choose oils in the form of a spray, as they are most conveniently applied to the skin. You can also pour the product into a spray bottle, which will allow it to be applied evenly. After spraying the oil on the skin in the home conditions Wait until it absorbs, and then wear clothes. You can get a little wet over the excess with a paper towel.

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