How to use serum for face

How to use serum for face
Serum for the face is no longer a new cosmetic product. The cream is inferior in effectiveness. After all, most of the formulas of serums are based on water, and it is the best conductor than oil. But you should use these cosmetic products correctly.

It is considered that the serum can be applied only under the cream. But in fact it is necessary to read the composition. If the serum contains antioxidant (free-radical fighting) components, SPF protection, then it is an analog of the cream and it can be used alone.

Select the serum, which is essentially a concentrate and applied under the cream, without protective properties, by the skin type is not necessary. The texture of such a tool is universal. But it is necessary to study the composition of the product and the range of its action. Choose a serum, taking into account the skin's needs and the desired result – moisturizing, fighting acne, wrinkles or nutrition.

Apply this product after cleansing and toning. It is not necessary to rub it gently, stretching the skin. Just gently knock the serum with your fingertips. If it is not an independent product, wait until the formulation is absorbed, and apply the cream.

Classic serum is a product of intense action. Use her courses. Apply for a month 1-2 times a day. Conduct such courses 3-4 times a year. If there are different skin problems, you can apply serums with different effects alternately or apply them simultaneously locally – to areas where necessary.

When choosing serum, consider not only the needs of the skin. Observe the principle of seasonality, applying the product only at the recommended time. So, whey with some components, for example, retinol and glycolic acid, can make the skin more susceptible to sun rays, such products can not be used in the spring and summer. And antiseptic products are not suitable for use in cold, because they dry the skin.

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