How to use rye flour instead of shampoo

How to use rye flour instead of shampoo
Rye flour can replace the shampoo. Rye is rich in useful vitamins that strengthen the hair. It contains ash, thanks to which rye can replace shampoo.

Instead of shampoo rye flour is good, as it will easily perform all the functions of detergent: it will clean the hair of dirt and give them shine. Ready bread can also be washed with hair, but their crumbs are hard to wash out of hair.

To prepare an unusual shampoo, take 2 tablespoons of rye flour, pour boiling water, mix until a creamy mass is formed. Blend it with a blender so that the consistency is more uniform, and wait for the appearance of gluten (it usually has a gray color and a sticky texture).

For washing, gluten is used. Drink plenty of hair with plenty of water, and at this time a ready mix of rye flour should cool down. Apply on the scalp in small amounts, while continue to massage and foam the composition. So wash the whole head.

It is undesirable to hurry, it is better to wait until the nutrients are absorbed into the scalp. Distribute all the rye for all hair, periodically pouring water.

Волосы сначала смывайте водой, в которой растворялась ржаная мука, затем следует использовать обычную воду из-под крана. В конце ополосните кислой водой (на 1 литр воды добавьте 1 столовую ложку лимонного сока и размешайте).

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