How to use pepper tincture for hair growth

How to use pepper tincture for hair growth
For the growth and development of hair there are many effective and effective means. The most accessible method of caring for hair is the use of pepper tincture. Wait for special miracles from it is not worth it, but the regular use of folk remedy will give its results.

The secret of the pepper tincture

The tincture is made from hot pepper and alcohol. All these components have the property to heat the skin quite strongly, which leads to an intense influx to the scalp of the blood. This process forces the extinct hair follicles to "awaken". As a result, more nutrients and oxygen follow to the locks.

Pepper tincture irritates the skin a little and can cause a burning sensation. But this inconvenience is compensated by an excellent result, because when using a tincture of pepper, the work of the glands of the scalp comes to normal, and dandruff passes. Moreover, hair growth is increasing (about a month 4 cm), they are made stronger and thicker.

Where to get pepper tincture

Tincture of hot pepper can be purchased at the pharmacy or done by yourself.

For home tincture, you will need alcohol or vodka, bitter red pepper and a container of dark glass. In the washed bottle, ground chilli pepper is poured and poured with alcohol (vodka) in the following ratio: 1 st.lozhka raw materials for 100 ml of alcohol.

The container is tightly clogged and infused in a dark place. Periodically, the bottle with pepper tincture should be shaken. After 14 days the tincture is ready. It must be filtered through gauze. The tincture is stored in the refrigerator.

How correctly to use pepper tincture

The most common way to use a burning tincture is to add it to the hair mask. Traditional mask recipe:

  • pepper tincture -1 part;
  • vegetable oil – 2 parts;
  • water – 2 parts.

The mask is rubbed into the roots of the hair. A polyethylene hat is put on the head and warmed with a towel. The duration of the procedure is at least 20 minutes. But if a burning sensation begins, it is better to wash off the mask. For the next mask use a lower concentration of pepper tincture.

The frequency of application of pepper mask depends on the type of hair. For normal hair, the mask is done approximately 1 once a week. 2 times a week make a mask for oily hair. For dry hair, the mask is applied no more often than 1 times in 10 days. The greatest effect will be manifested after a three-month course.

Safety measures

For dry hair tincture is applied with caution. Alcohol in the tincture can cause even more dry hair and the appearance of dandruff. In this case, it is necessary to observe the dosage and add to the tincture vegetable oils – almond, linseed or burdock.

After using the tincture, you can not injure the irritated skin on the head. Do not use styling products and hard hair brushes. Coloring hair and chemical perm is also better to postpone for another time.

When using tincture from hot peppers, you should protect your eyes, otherwise unpleasant sensations can not be avoided. If the hands are dry skin, before applying, it is better to wear gloves made of cellophane. Pepper tincture can cause an increase in pressure. If you have a headache, you need to wash your head thoroughly.







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