How to use oil for skin

How to use oil for skin
Flaxseed, olive, almond, peach and other oils are widely used not only for medicinal purposes, but also in cosmetology. To the skin was smooth and gentle, it needs constant and gentle care, it can be done with the help of oil. It has a positive effect on the skin, removes dryness and moisturizes it. So how correctly to apply oil for the skin?

Flax oil contains vitamins A, E and F, which are useful for the skin, they have a nutritional and moisturizing effect, preventing premature aging. Linseed oil can be lubricated by all face, using it instead of a moisturizer. It is recommended to use it for very flaky and dry, fading and flabby skin. Do not use flax oil for the area around the eyes, for these purposes, rose hips, peach and grape seed oil, almond oil are best.

If the skin has redness, irritation, wounds, flaking, cuts, bruises, burns and bruises, apply a small amount of linseed oil to the affected area. This oil can also be used in the presence of lichen, warts and other skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, псориаз).

Если вы обладательница сухой и увядающей кожи, приготовьте следующую питательную маску: разотрите один яичный желток с двумя чайными ложками меда и таким же количеством миндального масла. Приготовленной смесью смажьте предварительно очищенное лицо, и спустя 15 минут смойте маску чуть теплой водой. Если вы хотите очистить кожу, тогда стоит добавить в маску половину столовой ложки овсяной муки.

Olive oil can be used daily for skin care during water procedures. To do this, just add three tablespoons of oil in a filled bath. If after the reception of the bath remained a feeling of tightness, mix a few drops of olive oil with a lotion or body cream. Can be used as a separate cream. Use it as a cleanser for the face, since no milk has such a set of beneficial effects: antioxidant, regenerating and rejuvenating.

With dry skin of hands, cracks and burrs fingers it is recommended to lubricate the hands with a mixture prepared from cocoa butter and liquid honey, heated in a water bath (in equal proportions). This procedure is recommended before bedtime, provided there is no allergy to honey. Dry and weather-beaten lips can be lubricated with cocoa butter before going out.

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