How to use mummies

How to use mummies
About the origin mummy among scientists there are many controversial theories, but no one questions the fact that this substance has healing properties. In Alternative Medicine mummy widely used as a universal remedy for many diseases.

You will need
  • – milk or sweet tea;
  • – Lanolin;
  • – Sterile Vaseline;
  • – polyethylene;
  • – wadding;
  • – bandage;
  • – Peach oil.
Принимайте mummy morning on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal, at night – after 3 hours after dinner. External agents (ointments, compresses) apply immediately before bedtime.

For accurate dosing mummy, choose the tablet form. Each tablet contains 0,2 grams of active substance. If you plan to take the medicine inside, then you need to calculate the daily dose, which depends on the body weight. People weighing less than 70 kg should take 4 tablets per day, with a weight of 71-80 kg – 6 tablets, 81-90 kg – 8 tablets, over 90kg – 10 tablets. Daily dose divided into 2 reception: morning and evening.

To break sharp odor and bitter taste, dilute tablets in milk or sweet tea. You can seize them with a spoonful of honey.

Drink mummy ежедневно в течение 28 дней. В случае необходимости повторите курс через 10 дней. Откажитесь от алкоголя на весь период терапии.

For the treatment of skin diseases, prepare 3% ointment. Scald boiling water with a glass or porcelain container. Put in it 15 tablets (3 grams) mummy, then add 3 st.l. warm boiled water. Preheat the resulting mixture in a water bath until the tablets are dissolved. Mix it with 30 g lanolin and 60 g sterile petroleum jelly. Store the ointment in the refrigerator without access to light.

In case of local lesions, use compresses. Several tablets mummy положите на измененную кожу. Накройте сверху сначала полиэтиленом, затем ватой. Зафиксируйте все слои компресса бинтом. Утром смойте водой остатки mummy from the skin.

To rinse the mouth and throat 12 tablets (2,4 g), dissolve in ? (100 ml) a glass of warm water. Use in a warm state every 3-4 hours.

for the treatment of otitis 8 таблеток измельчите и растворите в 50 мл подогретого до 70 градусов персикового масла. Закапывайте по 3 капли в каждое ухо. Перед применением подогревайте раствор до 38 градусов.

With a cold, prepare oil droplets in the manner described above, but increase the number of tablets to 25. Bury in each nasal passage of 5 drops 4 times a day.

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