How to use milk whey for hair

How to use milk whey for hair
Lovers of cooking cottage cheese at home are aware that a byproduct of this process is milk whey. This cloudy liquid, despite its external unattractiveness, contains a lot of useful substances, including biotin, necessary for skin and hair, vitamins of groups A, E, and C. Therefore, whey is included in a number of shampoos and is used for the preparation of home care products for the hair.

You will need
  • For the first method:
  • – milk serum;
  • – lemon juice.
  • Для второго способа:
  • – 0,5 литра воды;
  • – 1 tablespoon dry burdock roots;
  • – 0,5 литра молочной сыворотки;
  • – lemon juice.
  • For the third method:
  • – 0,5 литра молочной сыворотки;
  • – 6 pieces of rye bread.
For hair care, whey is used as a mixture or separately. To give your hair a shine, apply liquid on your hair, put a polyethylene cap on your head and wrap it in a thick towel. After an hour, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse with water, into which a few drops of lemon juice are squeezed out.

Improve the appearance of hair will help a mixture of whey and another popular component of shampoos – burdock root. To prepare a composition for washing your head, pour a tablespoon of chopped dry burdock root with half a liter of boiling water. Place the container with the mixture on a low heat and simmer for ten minutes.

Cool the broth under the lid to room temperature and mix it with the same amount of whey. Wash the head with this product, using water rinse with lemon juice as a conditioner. Typically, this procedure is recommended to arrange at least twice a week.

Питательные и очищающие маски из хлеба применяются для ухода за волосами, относящимися к разным типам. Однако обладателям сухих волос советуют добавлять в смесь дополнительные компоненты, такие как масло и сметана. Для приготовления хлебной маски подойдет и молочная сыворотка. Срежьте корочки с шести кусков ржаного хлеба и размочите их в течение пятнадцати минут в половине литра сыворотки, предварительно подогретой до 50 градусов.

Razumnite soggy crust to the state of gruel and distribute the resulting mixture over clean hair from the roots to the tips. Put on a plastic cap, wrap it with a towel and keep the nutritional composition on your head for forty minutes. Rinse the remainder of the gruel with plenty of warm water.

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