How to use liquid crystals Constant is delight

How to use liquid crystals Constant is delight
"Liquid crystals" Constant Delight for treatment and care of hair – a novelty, which has already fallen in love with many of the fair sex. This effective tool allows you to forget about the problem of split ends, to restore weakened hair, breathing life into them. Use miraculous "liquid crystals" can be both for treatment and for prevention, in order to "maintain" the hair in optimal condition. Constant Delight is an Italian brand that offers a range of hair care products. In Russia, the "liquid crystals" of the company are gaining popularity, which are distinguished by their ease of use. Multifunctional tool is easy to use at home, special "crystals" are chosen and professional stylists.

Secrets of using "liquid crystals"

"Liquid crystals" Constant Delight perfectly cope with the tasks of hair care. A unique cosmetic product contains a vitamin cocktail, mineral oil. The crystals help to cope with the cross section of the hair, the drug smooths the surface of each hair.

To use the "Liquid crystals" of the Italian brand, it is best to conduct the procedure after taking a bath or shower. According to the recommendations of specialists, the drug in the form of a spray should be applied to slightly damp curls. But you can apply crystals for dry hair, the main thing is that they are clean. Ideally, you need to apply a tool to combed hair.

You can buy liquid crystals online or buy Constant Delight cosmetics in a professional salon.

For the application of crystals, it is necessary to drip into the palm of the entire 2-3 a drop of the product. Constant Delight should be rubbed slightly to warm the oil. First, you need to distribute the "liquid crystals" to the tips, and then walk along the entire length of the hair. Due to the presence of a dispenser in a vial, it is easy to take the required amount of a remedy.

The results of the application of "liquid crystals" Constant Delight

The innovative "liquid crystals" of Constant Delight are not a quick-wiping tool, so it is necessary to use them regularly to get a visible result. The main thing – do not overdo it with the product when applied, because of the oil content of the composition, there may be a feeling of untidiness, greasiness of the hair.

"Liquid crystals" are well suited for the treatment of dyed, exposed to a chemical wave or hair extension. Valuable substances entering the complex fill the curls with force, make them elastic, shiny and obedient.

To apply "liquid crystals" it is possible to cope with the problem of combing thin, long or curly hair. The product smoothes well, makes hair silky. After the distribution of crystals, constant delight, you can perform any styling, the drug does not heavier curls and does not give them a greasy shine, if used correctly.

"Liquid crystals" Constant Delight are very economical in use, a small bottle will last at least a few months.

After applying the precious drops of crystals almost immediately absorbed, enveloping the hair with an invisible film. This is a protective barrier, which reduces the negative effect of the environment on the hair.

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