How to use lip gloss

How to use lip gloss
Lip gloss is a versatile cosmetic product. It is applicable in festive make-up, and in everyday. But only use it to create specific images you need in different ways.

If you create an everyday make-up, take a shine of a calm shade. Suppose it does not contain large shining particles. Apply it on the lips with a built-in applicator. If the glitter on your lips has the property of spreading, use an invisible contour pencil on a wax base or color, but matched to the shine in tone.

Applying evening make-up, use the shine of a brighter shade. Before applying it, outline the contour of the lips with a pencil. The latter can be taken on a darker tone than the brightness itself. The flickering particles in the gloss for a bright image can be contained in large quantities. They will visually enlarge your lips.

Creating a fairly strict image, but wanting to still emphasize the lips, apply first a contour pencil and lipstick in a tone. To lipstick was better, first a little powder your lips. After applying lipstick, add a little bit of gloss to the center of the lips. So they will seem more plump.

If you are in a hurry and have to be painted literally "on the run," you will gain a transparent shine in the tube. No wisdom in the way it is applied. Humidify the lips and give gloss with the help of such a tool you can, even without looking in the mirror.

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