How to use lemon juice for hair

How to use lemon juice for hair
Lemon is one of the most useful fruit for hair. Vitamins and essential oils contained in it, nourish and strengthen hair, improve their structure. In addition, citrus gives a shine to the hair and beautifully brightens the curls.

You will need
  • Lemon, water, vodka, glycerin.
Rinsing with lemon juice makes the hair obedient, gives them silky and shine. There are a lot of recipes for preparing a rinsing solution. For example, one of them is this: take 2 lemon and 500 ml of boiled water. Lemon juice squeeze and mix it with water. The mixture is applied to the hair. If you have oily hair, just rinse the lemon with water after half an hour. And if dry, additionally use a hair conditioner. Such a rinsing solution gives the locks a blinding shine and makes them healthier after the first application.

For normal Hair Recipe vitamin cocktail with lemon juice is as follows: squeeze out the juice from two citrus, add a tablespoon of flour and water. Pound the mixture so that there are no lumps. Apply a cocktail to your hair for half an hour before washing your head and evenly distribute it. You can put on a polyethylene hat, and on top a hot towel to enhance the effect. For oily hair, prepare the tincture as follows: grate the lemon on the grater together with the skin and fill it with 100 g of vodka. Close the lotion with a tight lid and put the container in a dark place for a week. After strain the tincture and add 1 tsp. glycerin. For 40 minutes before washing the hair, soak the strand with the product. This procedure will help you get rid of greasy shine and give your hair a scent of lemon freshness.

In addition to rinsing, lemon juice is used to lighten hair. The fruit contains citric acid, which under the influence of ultraviolet oxidizes the hair and makes them a few tones lighter. As an additional ingredient, take honey. For medium length hair, half a glass of lemon juice and 3 tsp will suffice. honey. Mix the ingredients and apply on the head. Leave the mixture on your hair for 8 hours. Of these, 30 minutes stay in the sun. If the juice with honey will drain, wipe it with a towel. After 8 hours, rinse hair with water. As a result of this procedure, the hair becomes lighter in one or two tones. Also, expect the appearance of golden shine on the hair, which before that were dull.

Lemon juice – this is not a means by which you can turn a brunette into a blonde. Using lemon juice for dark hair, you should expect the appearance of gloss, but not a whitening effect. In order to achieve a change in the shade of light hair, several rinsing procedures will be required. It is important not to abuse lemon juice, so as not to dry your hair.

If you feel that the hair after clarification has become a bit stiffer, this is normal. When the lemon juice withers on the hair, it turns into a powder. His particles are stuck in the inside. From this, the hair feels like straw. It is enough to wash the hair several times, and the citric acid is completely washed out of the hair.

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