How to use jojoba oil

How to use jojoba oil
Simmondsia chinensis or butter jojoba for several thousand years already known for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Gluckers with well preserved and not lost their qualities butterm were found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Obtained butter из семян вечнозеленого кустарника симондсии китайской, растущего в жарких районах земного шара.

The composition of the oil jojoba includes amino acids, protein, vitamin E, due to which butter has unsurpassed antioxidant, regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties and the ability for long-term storage. By its qualities butter jojoba близко к спермацету и коллагену, а по виду больше похоже на жидкий воск.

Application in cosmetology Oil jojoba повсеместно. Для ухода за кожей лица butter Used as a mixture in equal parts with any other stone stone ethereal butterm – (avocado, almond), and also as a basis for their dissolution. When applied to the skin butter jojoba leaves no oily traces, but forms an invisible film on the surface of the skin, protecting it from adverse effects.

For massage it is butter can be used as a mixture with another ethereal butterm in the proportion of 3-6 drops per teaspoon of oil jojoba. В чистом виде jojoba Used in the massage of the hands, beneficially influencing and on the nails, as well as with joint massage.

For cosmetic masks butter jojoba is used both in pure form and in mixtures with other essential oils (avocado, almond, peach, apricot) in the calculation of 3-4 drops per teaspoon of oil jojoba. This mixture is impregnated with a napkin and for 15-20 minutes is superimposed on a thoroughly cleansed face.

To eliminate wrinkles and circles under the eyes to a mixture in equal parts of oils jojoba and avocado add 2 drops of oil fennel and mint, or roses and sandalwood. Use this mixture you need every day in the morning and in the evening, lubricating a well-cleaned area around the eyes.

Oil jojoba хорошо восстанавливает кожу даже при глубоких морщинах. Для приготовления смеси возьмите по чайной ложке масел jojoba and avocado or almond, add about 2 drops of mint oil, fennel or neroli. The back side of a dry heated spoon, moistened with a mixture of oils, lead through deep wrinkles, smoothing them.

For elimination cellulite to a teaspoon of oil jojoba add ethereal butter juniper, geranium, lemon, orange and fennel or patchouli, lavender, rosemary and cypress in the amount of 2 drops. To rub this mixture into the problem skin you need a hard massage.

Oil jojoba It can also be used for problematic, flabby, aging, and also dry and flaky skin, with stretch marks, scarring, small scars. Besides, butter jojoba – an indispensable tool for hair care.

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