How to use honey in the preparation of face masks

How to use honey in the preparation of face masks
Honey is a natural natural remedy with many useful properties. In addition, honey contains irreplaceable elements that help transform the delicate skin of the face.

In the modern world a huge number of different masks, they contain all sorts of ingredients. Honey is one of the most common products in the preparation of nourishing face masks.

What is useful for honey?

Honey is a product created by nature. It is fully absorbed by the human body, which makes it an invaluable source of useful microelements, of which more than three hundred are included in this wonderful product. Among them:

  • Vitamin B1 – ensures the maintenance of the vital functions of the skin and its healthy appearance.
  • Vitamin B2 – allows you to protect the delicate skin of the face from free radicals, which modern medicine blames not only for aging of the skin, but also for the onset of cancer, and even for infertility.
  • Vitamin B6 – works in conjunction with vitamin B2, providing youthful skin and its radiant appearance.
  • Витамин В3 – один из самых полезных микроэлементов, оздоравливающий клетки кожи и предотвращающий появление прыщей.

As you can see, the composition of honey is very rich, which makes it an indispensable component of nourishing facial masks.

Mask with honey and egg

We need:

  • honey (10 ml)
  • egg yolk (1 pcs)

This mask is suitable for people with dry skin. Mix the ingredients in a shallow container until smooth, apply it to your face. Avoid contact with eyes and lips. We recommend to apply the mask on the skin with massage movements while lying down. Hold the mixture on your face for half an hour, then rinse with warm water without additional cleansers.

Mask with honey and aspirin

We need:

  • honey (5 ml)
  • aspirin (5 tablets)
  • water (5 ml)

Such a mask will be useful to people who are often concerned about various eruptions on the face, such as pimples or acne. It will also suit the fight against black points.

Aspirin as part of the mask will dry the skin and help in getting rid of rashes. Aspirin tablets should be crushed and mixed with the above-mentioned amount of water so that the resulting powder completely dissolved. In the received liquid we add honey. The mask is applied to the face and holds until you feel a burning or tightening of the skin. After this, the mixture must be washed off, and a moisturizing cream applied to the face.

Mask with olive oil, honey and apple

We need:

  • honey (10 ml)
  • extra virgin olive oil (10 ml)
  • green sour apple (30 g)

Sour apple should be grated on a small grater, after cleaning it from the peel. Honey is heated in a water bath so that it becomes more liquid. Gradually adding oil, mix honey and apple to get a homogeneous mass. Such a mask can be applied to the face, neck and decollete zone. Keep the mixture on the skin before drying, then remove with warm water and sponge.

Mask with honey and lemon

We need:

  • honey (30 ml)
  • лимон (1/2 шт)

При приготовлении данной маски рекомендуется также использовать льняное масло (5 мл), но можно обойтись и без него. 

Lemon is peeled and crushed in a blender to a gruel. Add honey to it and, if you decide to use it, linseed oil. It is recommended to apply the mask with massage movements, while avoiding damaged areas of the skin and getting the mixture on the lips and eyes. Keep the mask on your face no more than 15 minutes, then wash off and apply a moisturizer. Humidification in this case will allow to get rid of overdrying because of the presence of lemon juice in the mask.

We need:

  • Sour cream minimum 30% fat content (50 ml)
  • Мёд (20 мл)
  • Oat flakes (20 gr)
  • Увлажняющий или питательный крем для лица (10 мл)

This mask allows you to effectively moisturize the skin, in addition, it serves as a soft scrub at the expense of oat flakes, which must first be ground in a blender. Add the remaining ingredients to the resulting powder and mix thoroughly. The mixture is applied to the face with massage movements, so that the process of exfoliating the keratinized cells begins. To wash it is necessary through 10-15 minutes, if necessary, you can use sponge.

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