How to use haylayterom

How to use haylayterom
More often, in the makeup tips, the word "highlighter" sounds. Perhaps this means is not in your cosmetic bag just because you do not know how to use it.
The highlighter is designed to highlight or highlight those areas of the face that you want to accentuate. In haylayter contains a lot of light-reflecting particles. It will give a radiance and freshness to your makeup.

You will need
  • – хайлайтер
  • – brush
What are the types of highlighter? Hailers are produced by different manufacturers. They differ in consistence, color, gloss. By consistency highlighter are of a liquid form and a solid form. Here you choose what you prefer. The color scheme varies: white, gold, ivory.
Choose the color of your skin. Also hailers are very shiny. These are suitable for evening make-up. There are moderately shiny. Such suitable for day time.

Who are the hyllayers for? There is an erroneous assumption that hyllayters use only for evening make-up. In the daily make-up, the highlighter is very useful. Heiliter is not suitable for girls с жирной кожей, с ильными прыщами. Здесь он окажет скорее обратный эффект. Сделает акцент на ваших недостатках. Для девушек с нормальной, сухой кожей – хайлайтер отличное дополнение в макияже.

Where hammer? Heilajter put on a voice-frequency cream, on powder. It can also be applied to clean skin, for example, in summer on the beach. A tanned face with a highlighter will look very attractive. There are certain zones where the highlighter should be applied:
1. We put on the upper part of the cheekbone, very advantageously emphasizes the relief of the face.
2. On the front of the nose.
3. On the chin.
4. Under the brow, a little on High.
5. Above the upper lip.
6. At the inner corner of the eye, this technique will instantly refresh the look.

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