How to use hair dye

How to use hair dye
Women tirelessly strive for excellence, trying on a variety of images, thereby adding novelty to their visual appearance. Some instruct the task of coloring hair only professionals. However, this is not so difficult task, and you can try to implement it yourself, saving a lot of money.

What to give preference to

There are several types of hair colors. Tinted have the easiest effect due to the fact that they practically do not contain any strong substances. They are more useful, but stain the surface layer of hair, rather giving them a new shade than a full color. Such paints can not be called stable, because they are quickly washed off.

Semi-resistant dyes have a number of advantages of both shade and persistent species. And yet their action is not aimed at a radical change in color, although they affect it more. Similarly, you can change the color to one tone. This type of dye contains hydrogen peroxide in small doses.

Thanks to persistent means, you can completely change the image. They are saturated with a significant number of contributing elements, such as the notorious peroxide and ammonia. It is necessary to approach the selection of the necessary composition with particular care, so as not to allow it to break the structure of the hair. Professional paint, known for its high cost, is saturated with less chemistry, which does not adversely affect the body.

How to refresh the look

First of all, read the manual on the use of paint and make a test for allergy by applying the substance to the elbow bend for about a day. AT domestic conditions you will need: the dye itself; disposable rubber gloves; dishes for creating a mixture; brush for applying paint; protective cream and comb. Mix the components of the dye stored in separate containers in the required volume, taking into account the length of the hair and instructions. After the mixture is ready to put it into operation it is required within half an hour, otherwise it will become unsuitable for this.

Divide the hairstyle into several large strands of hair, beginning with the parting. Lubricate the scalp along the edge of the hair growth with a protective cream to prevent the paint from impregnating it. Close your shoulders with a cloth, covering your clothes. Apply the dye to dry hair, since the skin fat has protective properties. Perform massaging movements, fill the mixture first with the prothorax, then the back of the neck and the roots of the hair, then brush the remaining hair with the brush, treating them to the tips.

To give the hair a bright color, change the order of actions, proceeding to the process from the tips of the hair and moving to the base. When staining the overgrown roots, start working with them, not being afraid to apply a sufficient amount of the mixture. After the due time, rinse the dye with warm water, preferably with the participation of a specialized shampoo, and rinse the scalp.

What to Avoid

Do not overdo the paint, but do not rinse it before the time specified in the manual – it can ruin your work and make hair brittle. Lightening the dark strands, do it gradually – tone after tone and not for one color. If you previously used henna and other rust-colored hues, experimenting with color changes without consulting a hairdresser is not recommended.

Be engaged in hair at temples and forehead in the last turn – they differ special subtlety and susceptibility to chemical substances. And, of course, choosing the right tone for your hair, at least for the first time, should be accompanied by a specialist.

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