How to use hair curlers for a beautiful hairstyle

How to use hair curlers for a beautiful hairstyle
Every woman wants to be beautiful and goes for anything to achieve this. One of the components of beauty – it's neatly laid hair or a chic perm. Curls can be made with a hairdryer or curlers. Through curlers the wave will last longer and look great.

You will need
  • thin-toothed with a thin handle and large-toothed comb, spray gun, curlers.
First, wash your head thoroughly and dry it, but preferably in a natural way. The hair should be wet, but not wet.

Затем возьмите тонкозубую расческу с тонкой handle, с помощью которой вы будете отделять ровные пряди volos for curling.

It will also come in handy for the spraying of already drying hair. Wet hair better curl, and curls will last longer.

P "P" SЏ thin hair you can use light hair for styling hair. Locks will fix in the desired state.

Sometimes you need to apply gel to the hair. Distribute it evenly with a thin layer along the entire length of the hair.

Завивку лучше всего начинать с середины головы в направлении спереди назад, постепенно отделяя прядки и накручивая их на curlers.

It is necessary that the sticks fit smoothly and firmly curlers. For this, pull a little hair, but do not overdo it. It is not allowed that excess hairs stick out of the curled on the roller curlers hair.

Long hair should be wound with thin strands. In this case they will dry up faster, and you will achieve chic curls.

RџSЂRё short hair it is recommended to lengthen them, wrapping them with paper – so it will be more convenient to wind them on curlers.

If you a haircut in the style of "ladder"Or"cascade“, следует верхнюю часть завивать на big curlers, накручивая волосы от пробора в направлении влево и вправо сверху вниз. Так вы получите объемную прическу.

To comb hair after a wave is not required, if you want to keep the curls in their original form. When you receive a bulk haircut, you should comb the hair with a large comb.

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