How to use false eyelashes

How to use false eyelashes
False eyelashes help make the look more sensual and expressive, especially when your own by nature are short and sparse. Buying a set of false eyelashes, ask for the intricacies of their use. For this procedure, in addition to the eyelashes themselves, tools will be needed: a thin tweezer, a special glue composition, a wooden stick and curling irons. Apply to the eyes of the eyelashes and check if the size of the eyelashes matches the cut of your eyes – you can shorten the long eyelashes slightly, cutting from the edge.

If the adhesive layer is missing on the eyelashes themselves, then you need to apply it yourself – gently apply glue to the base of the false eyelashes. Apply the adhesive with a special thin brush. In hands take a tweezers and pick up for a free edge greased glue eyelashes – attach to the outer edge of the eye. Simultaneously press lightly with a wooden stick false eyelashes to the eyelid. The second eye is also treated, keep an eye on the angle of inclination and the uniformity of gluing eyelashes – they should be located symmetrically.

Take a simple toothpick and check carefully the adhesion strength – push the edge of the false eyelashes slightly. If badly glued areas are left, then treat them again with their glue of the same toothpick. If there is a need, trim the eyelashes, but naturally in both eyes.

Потом надо ресницы накрасить – наносите тушь с помощью столовой ложки, вы проработаете все ресницы, перемешав при этом искусственные волокна с волосками настоящими. Такой же алгоритм действий стоит выполнить при наклеивании накладных пучков – часть ресниц, которые крепятся к внешним углам глаз, чтобы придать взгляду таинственность или подчеркнуть их форму. Последний этап макияжа, после которого накладные ресницы невозможно отличить от настоящих – подводка. Специальным составом для подводки или тонким мягким карандашом нанесите поверх наклеенных ресниц линию прямо по их основанию.

To remove eyelashes simply – it is enough to pick up the pasted edge with a toothpick or tweezers, then pull the film. If the glue is strong, then you can use to soften the composition of vegetable oil. False eyelashes should be washed with a soapy solution, remove the remnants of glue with tweezers, and clean the villi with a toothpick. Eyelashes should be dried, put in a container, where they will be until the next use.

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