How to use Eyelash Oil

How to use Eyelash Oil
Long, thick and beautiful eyelashes make the eyes expressive, and look fascinating. However, not all women by nature have such luxurious eyelashes, so women use various means to replenish the natural beauty of eyelashes, including oils.

You will need
  • – щеточка от туши;
  • – Castor oil;
  • – oily solution of vitamin A or E;
  • – Carrot juice;
  • – welding of black tea;
  • – sea buckthorn oil;
  • – Burr oil;
  • – dog-rose fruit;
  • – Coconut oil;
  • – Peach oil;
  • – oily extract of chamomile and calendula;
  • – olive oil;
  • – almond oil;
  • – rosehip oil.
One of the oils used to strengthen the eyelashes and their growth is castor oil. This tool can also be used for eyelashes. For preventive purposes, apply castor oil for one hour three times a week.

If the fragility of the eyelashes is excessive or if it is heavily deposited daily, lubricate them with castor oil (do this before going to bed, and wash off in the morning). To perform this procedure, use a brush from the carcass, pre-wash it and dry it. First, apply a droplet of oil to the tips of the eyelashes, and then distribute the product along the entire length with a brush.

If the castor oil is mixed with an oily solution of vitamin E or A (from the calculation of a drop of vitamin to four drops of oil), the eyelashes become not only stronger, but also more beautiful: this solution will give them velvety.

To give the eyelashes a darker shade, mix in equal amounts of castor oil with strong tea brewing or carrot juice.

Excellent means for the nutrition of eyelashes – sea buckthorn oil. It can be used both in pure form (applied at night to the eyelashes), and in combination with other oils and substances.

If you выпадают eyelashes, chop the hips (tablespoon) and pour the resulting mixture with two tablespoons burdock oil and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil. Place the dishes with the prepared mixture for ten days in a dark place. Then strain this cosmetic and apply it daily on the eyelashes.

To strengthen the weakened eyelashes, use almond, coconut, peach and olive oil, as well as rosehip oil and oily extracts of chamomile and calendula. So, to strengthen the eyelashes and soften the skin of the eyelids, use a mixture consisting of an oily extract of chamomile, castor oil and an oily extract of marigold (each ingredient take one teaspoonful).

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