How to use dry hair spray

How to use dry hair spray
To create the perfect style for a woman, everything should be in order – from the hairstyle to the shoes. With shoes everything is simple – it is easy enough to pick up beautiful shoes for a certain outfit. But what about the hairstyle? To every day to make beautiful styling yourself, one must have patience and skill! In addition, we can not do without professional tools that should help create a unique beauty from hair! Fortunately, to help women come up with a new product for styling curls – dry lacquer. That's just not everyone knows how to properly use it.


Advantages of dry lacquer

In hot weather, dry varnish is an indispensable assistant in creating a hairstyle – it does not contain fragrances, it does not stick the hair, does not spread, does not melt under the sun's rays.

Dry lacquer can be applied both to wet curls, and to dry ones. You can apply it if necessary several times a day. Of course, any beautiful hairstyle is short-lived. Therefore, developers of special tools for styling want to create practical options that meet the requirements of customers, masters. Thus such means should be simple in use. For example, the usual varnish is not suitable for everyone – sometimes it causes reddening of the skin, itching, strands stick together, and sometimes the piling itself under its influence deforms! Therefore, they came up with a means for reliable fixation – dry lacquer. Already many companies have expanded the assortment with dry lacquers, for example, Gliss Kur, Yves Rocher. After all, this varnish does not cause the feeling of stitched lines, it fixes well.

How to use

Dry lacquer is required to spray on the finished hair. If necessary, you can change the stitch with a comb or with your hands – then it's more convenient for you. Now bottles with dry lacquer are available in a convenient format – because sometimes such a tool is simply necessary to have in your small handbag!

In dry lacquer contain fixing substances in tandem with caring components. For example, you can apply lacquer on a damp head of hair, then immediately dry them with a hair dryer, comb and apply again – the hair will have a beautiful well-groomed appearance! By the way, after its application, the hair is always soft, it is easy to comb, they retain their shape.

The varnish is easily applied to the finished hair. It is easy to spray on the entire surface of the hair. The hair does not stick together, it does not become heavy, as with a normal varnish. At the same hair style is securely fixed! Even the next day it will keep its shape!

And if you want to increase the volume of hair with the help of dry lacquer, then apply the product on damp hair, namely – on the root part. To do this, slightly tilt your head down, comb, apply a varnish and dry it with a hairdryer. The result – the effect of splendor, density without aggravating and any hint of sticking! Many girls dream of thick hair, and dry lacquer gives them the opportunity to create an extra volume. So it's worth trying in the case such a tool to determine what kind of varnish will suit your hair!

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