How to use cosmetic ice

How to use cosmetic ice
Cryomassage is an amazingly simple and accessible procedure, which contains a lot of useful and even magical properties! With the help of ice massage, you can solve a lot of skin problems – from eliminating dilated pores to correcting uneven colors. So, we include in the program of skin care cosmetic лед!

Compositions for freezing cosmetic ice can be found even in pharmacies, they are quite diverse in action and structure. For example, for oily and fading skin, manufacturers often make лед с экстрактом малины, брусники и прочих вяжущих растений с содержанием большого количества витаминов. Впрочем, воду для такого льда можно сделать и самим: для жирной кожи прекрасно подходят соки цитрусовых и ягод, которые стоит разводить с достаточным количеством питьевой чистой воды, а затем замораживать.

The reflective action of cosmetic ice (cold temperatures perfectly reduce the expanded pores after cleaning) can be strengthened by several drops clean juice of a lemon – it, besides, also perfectly refreshes and bleaches a skin. Wipe face and neck ice in this case is after a thorough cleansing procedures – steaming or exfoliating.

With problematic skin and inflammations extremely useful лед from the broths of various medicinal herbs. These include chamomile, sage, celandine. Camomile in general is a real panacea for people with acne, as it has both antiseptic and wound healing properties, actively fights with microdoors and withледs from acne and acne. Brew herbs in boiling water, then carefully filter and cool forледfreezing.

The most best The time for cryomassage is, of course, morning. At first, лед fine relieves swelling and tightens the contour of the face, bags under the eyes после сна заметно уменьшаются. Во-вторых, суженные льдом поры не будут так восприимчивы к витающей в воздухе грязи и нанесенной cosmetics, а значит, и забиваться будут куда меньше. Ваше лицо приобретет здоровый румянец и ровный, сияющий цвет. Проводите кубиком льда по массажным линиям лица в течение 1-2 минут.

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