How to use body lotion

How to use body lotion
Regular use lotion for body helps to maintain the youthfulness of the skin, preventing loss of moisture. Unlike the cream, the lotion has a lighter texture, so it's used a little differently.

You will need
  • – body lotion.
Before how to use лосьон для body, it is desirable to understand for yourself what specifically you want to get. For each type of skin there are means, therefore it is important to choose the right lotion, otherwise the effect from its application can not wait. In addition, the lotion can perform additional functions, hinder the rapid growth of hair or give the skin radiance. It is necessary to decide whether such properties are necessary individually.

The lotions differ also for the period of the year for which they are intended. Means for winter are denser, not only moisturize, but nourish. While lotions for the summer should be practically weightless.

Having stopped on a specific remedy, do not apply it to the entire body at once. The risk of allergic reactions is present when using any cosmetics, and if the skin is particularly sensitive, then instead of moisturizing, you can get an itch and a rash. Therefore, at first it is advisable to test the lotion on a small area of ??the skin and only if there are no negative reactions, use it to the fullest.

Далее нужно определиться, для какой части body it is planned to use a skin lotion. For different skin areas, formulations with various components and additives are required, the drier the skin, the more nutritious lotion should be chosen.

Once a suitable skin remedy is found, it remains only to apply it to the skin after the shower with light, massage movements. This should be done after each contact of the skin with water, no matter how many times a day the shower is taken.

Do not try to apply too much lotion, otherwise the probability is high that he simply can not completely absorb and the lotion will leave traces on the clothes. Therefore, the criterion for the correct application of the skin moisturizing agent can be considered only comfortable sensations.

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